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Bringing you the best in books

We write books. Tess is working on her debut mystery novel written for teens. Involving a teenage girl with a nose for trouble, it promises to be an excellent read for any age teen and above. 

Meanwhile R. Frederick writes Bible based novels that bring the Bible alive! And check out his new Speculative Fiction books that look at the future of our world from a Christian viewpoint.

Writing Service to the Rescue!

Have you wanted to write but don't know how? Can't afford  expensive how-to programs?

We offer low cost plans to help you with grammar, spelling, using the free Kindle platform, and more. Check us out!

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Tess Riddle

Co-Founder & President

Tess Riddle


When T&R Independent Books was established by Ronald and Teresa Riddle, Co-Owners, she was installed as President on the basis of her Masters Degree in Business. She earned her MBA at Louisiana Baptist University. Also she spent many years as a trusted and valued secretary for a major corporate business. She brings to the business a balance of knowledge gained through study and experience. Going forward this will serve them a long time.

But she also had a secret desire to write her own books. Now we anticipate the publishing of her mystery featuring Rita Honeycutt, a teenage girl with a nose for intrigue. We are looking forward to this new series.

Tess recently had to battle cancer but she came through it victoriously. She continues to work on her novel and we eagerly look forward to seeing it published soon.

Meet the President of TR Independent Books

  As stated to the left Teresa has an MBA, is an experienced corporate secretary, and a budding author. 

  She is also the #1 fan of R. Frederick Riddle's writings and a supportive wife.  The two of them are not only partners in marriage but co-owners of their publishing business.

  Teresa is excited about the possibilities of TR and looks forward to seeing her own books highlighted on the web and elsewhere!