About Us

Our writing Careers

R. Frederick Riddle has been writing since 2003 when he published his first book Refuge: Genesis Chronicles. He honed his skills by writing, creating websites, marketing - you name it.

Tress Riddle has been the loyal, honest critic of her husband's writing while secretly desiring to write on her own.

When they decided to become Indie Publishers it was revealed that she wanted to write novels. However this has been delayed by a heart attack (Ron) and Cancer (Teresa). Now that both are past we look forward to seeing her books out there right alongside her husband's.

Recently they decided to offer their expertise to new and struggling authors by establishing TR Writing Services. Designed to be affordable and easily acquired skills it is an exciting new venture!

TR Writing Services Offering Discount

Serving as both an Introductory and a celebratory event TR Writing Services is offering a 47% Discount in honor of R. Frederick's 47th spiritual birthday (May 9).