Catalog of Books

Perished:The World That Was Book One

Perished: The World That Was

R. Frederick Riddle's Perished: The World That Was novel is the first book and basis for the World That Was series, Perished chronicles the life and times of Adam, Eve, and their many descendants as the battles between morality and immorality grew right up to the Flood. It tells the STORY BEHIND THE STORY! Bring your imagination with you and learn about the people, the events, and the times that influence you.

World of Noah and the Ark Book Two

World of Noah and the Ark

In this story R. Frederick Riddle focuses on the Flood. After 1656 years of growing corruption mankind is destroyed by a worldwide flood but Noah and his family are saved by God's grace. In the back section  he has provided an accurate and helpful Q&A about  the Flood dispelling myths, questionable statements, and ignorance about what really happened in our distant past.

World of Shem Book Three

World of Shem  Book Three

R. Frederick Riddle's World of Shem begins with the Ark landing on Mt. Ararat and the family's start in the New World. Shem, one of the sons of Noah, is given the responsibility to keep the records of events, such as Tower of Babel, Confusion of Tongues, migration, and more.

World of Abraham Book Four

World of Abraham

Book four of R. Frederick Riddle's World That Was series covers the life of Abraham from the time he left  the city of Haran until after God's call to sacrifice Isaac. This is the story of one man's (and his wive's) faith, trial, and triumph.

Death Ship to the Stars Book One

Death Ship to the Stars

With this book we are introduced to  R. Frederick Riddle's Speculative series Christland which begins shortly after WW III. Although they were victims, Christians are blamed for the war and are persecuted. A diabolical scheme results in 70 Christians being chosen for destruction in space, but the  Christians find a way to rebel and make plans to survive in an alien world!

Pauline A New Home Book Two

Pauline A New Home

R. Frederick Riddle here shows his interest in science as he introduces Ross 128b (discovered in 2017). Some 69 Christians land on the planet and name it Pauline after St. Paul. Thus begins a new adventure even as they must prepare for  the coming Space Force bringing General Smith and his 500 Special Forces which is bent on destroying all of the Christians! They must build a new society and the Pauline Space Force.

Task Force Hunter Book Three

Task Force Hunter

General Abner Smith with Admiral Andrea Stevens head up Earth's Task Force Hunter to track the Christians down. This armada of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers is the most powerful task force ever assembled. But the Pauline's have a few weapons of their own.

Black Death Book Four

Black Death

In this fourth book of R. Frederick Riddle's Christland we find that no sooner have the Pauline's survived battling the task force they must face Dr. Ink and his Black Death. It is a time of heroes, heroines, and a very special android to emerge for the very survival of Pauline depends on their successful defense!

Rise of I.C.E.S Book Five

Rise of I.C.E.S. Book 5 of the Christland series.

Book five (Rise of I.C.E.S.) is now available! A new criminal organization begins that plans for space what Mafia has on Earth. It threatens all of space including Pauline. In response Earth and Pauline join forces and the hunt is on!

Battle of Proxima Centauri Book Six

Book six of the Christland series. Coming soon.