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Everyday Issues

 We face all sorts of issues every day of our lives. These issues can be anything from the littlest to the gigantic. Yet all can be very personal. Sometimes I like to write about these issues, particularly if they  impact on our lives. 

Government Issues

 I'm constantly reviewing our government whether in Washington D.C. or Tallahassee, Fl. They do provide a lot of fodder for my pen, but especially on the national scene. It seems like everyday our elected Representatives and Senators seek ways to try to out-dumb themselves. Meanwhile the President keeps getting things done as he promised! 

The Church

 Are you a Christian? Perhaps a Christian writer? Well, I write on the subject detailing how we can serve in the church. I also address how we as writers can serve God through our books 


 As Editor of TR Writing Services I talk about  writing, publishing, and even marketing your book. And I shamelessly promote the Writing Services as a affordable writing tool for you 


 Publishing is a major part of writing . I promote Indie Publishing where you publish your  books. I use personal experience plus researched information. I  often comment on Kindle Direct Publishing. All to help you be more successful. 


 Then there are the times when I just get the urge to write on something that doesn't fit any  category shown on this page. It can be anything! You never know with me. Click below to find out. 


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